Customer Testimonials

“I am a big fan of Solectria inverters. We have used [Solectria] inverters on every Massachusetts project installed to date. On our website, the projects that Invaleon owns on 3rd party roofs have all been Solectria PVI and SGI’s. Take it from me, nobody has been able to match your service team in terms of timeliness and professional quality. Not to mention, the SolrenView platform which has made our billing a no-hassle experience. I assure you that if we pursue funding for any of the leads that you bring us, we will list Solectria exclusively.””

-Tom Wu, CEO, Invaleon Technologies Corporation

“The team at Solectria should be extremely proud to have built the best commercial and utility scale products. They are user friendly and simple to install. Even customers demand Solectria products! That’s pretty awesome!”

-Gabriel Chong, Special Projects Manager, Sunetric

“Thank you for sending the purchase order over to [Solectria Distributor], calling us back to make sure they had contacted us and making the process run smoothly. [Account Manager] was so helpful when he called and let us know about a lot of other great stuff [Solectria Distributor] has for our big projects that we haven’t been taking advantage of. He was also able to honor the price you quoted us. We learned a lot about our new partners at [Solectria Distributor] and what we learned is good news for AES going forward. Thanks for your help and we can’t say enough about your customer service.”

-Christie Piper, Chief Operating Officer, AES Solar

“We’re just developers, not the technology gurus like you guys at Solectria. Keep up the great work. We hear pretty awesome feedback from anyone we speak to about your product.”

-Tim Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, Garden Solar, LLC

“Just got the PVI1800 in and it looks great! You really helped us out a lot here and we appreciate it very much. I’m going to be sure to mention to all my students how impressed I am with the high quality of service that I have witnessed from Solectria. You have a lifelong fan of your company.”

- Andrew Zimdahl, Executive Director, Infinite Solar

“SGI connecting cabinets have much more room. That was the biggest difference we saw. If we ever land a ground mount, we will definitely be inclined to buy an inverter that our electricians can comfortably work in.”

- Sean M. Hackett, Project Manager, Argand Energy Solutions, LLC

“I want to thank you both and your entire team for the very expeditious and professional response to [our customer's] miscue. You helped him manage his mistake, resolve the problem quickly, and maintain good faith with his client.

I sincerely believe Solectria will pick up market share with continued development of the highest quality products and industry leading customer service.”

 - Tim McGivern, Regional Sales Manager/Project Developer, Affordable Solar

“The Ontario PV market is experiencing extraordinary growth. We are proud to offer Solectria’s inverters and expect the Solectria inverter product line to become the number one choice for commercial and utility‐scale projects. There has been an overwhelming demand for PV inverters over the past 6 months and we foresee demand continuously growing,”

- Paul Pauzé, President of SunRise Power

“We chose Solectria Renewables inverters because of their reliability, efficiency and being manufactured in the United States. Their proven technology addressed the necessary requirements for this project and we expect maximum performance from the system.”

- Wilson Stevenson, President of Outpost Solar

“From the beginning, there was no question that we would use Solectria Renewables’ inverters for this project. They are a growing Massachusetts based company with the most reliable inverters and a web‐based monitoring system. They were a great partner,”

- Herbie Aikens, Owner of Lighthouse Electrical Contracting

“Solectria Renewables was an exceptional partner for the City of New Brunswick projects supplying greater than 2MW of inverters. These projects required the most advanced, reliable and highest performing systems deliverable. Solectria Renewables’ SmartGrid Inverters [SGIs] are the best utility‐scale inverters we have tested and the team at Solectria Renewables is extremely dependable,”

- Frank DiCola, President of DCO Energy.

“Tecta Solar is an engineering, procurement and construction company that combines the knowledge of roofing and solar installations. We have a long established relationship with Solectria Renewables and always choose their inverters based on reliability, serviceability and durability. No other grid-tied PV inverter compares to Solectria Renewables’.”

- Brett Chapman, General Manager of Tecta Solar New England

“The Sonoma Valley Unified School District needed a team that could meet an aggressive project timeline without sacrificing the quality expectations of the total system engineering design. This important project was enhanced by the combination of quality inverters from Solectria, the building expertise from Roebbelen Contracting and the sales, service and solar industry expertise from WESCO. WESCO is very proud to be a team member for this significant solar project.”

- Jeff Stroin, WESCO’s Regional Vice President

“The collaboration between Solectria Renewables and WESCO Distribution greatly contributed to the successful bid process for the SVUSD project. This collaboration is a model distribution for large scale solar projects.”

- Andy Brophy, Senior Project Manager, Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.

“This project took a lot of hard work, but our team assembled a package backed by the highest efficiency and most reliable inverters by Solectria Renewables. Bella Energy prides itself on providing the highest quality solar equipment and solutions that power some of the large arrays across the United States.”

-Andrew McKenna, VP of Bella Energy

“Sybac Solar is pleased to enter into this partnership with Solectria Renewables.  Sybac Solar is the largest EPC in Florida and only sources the highest quality products for its customers. Our partnership with Solectria Renewables ensures our projects have the best inverter technologies on the market at the best price.”

-Artur Madej, President for Sybac Solar

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