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Solectria Renewables, LLC

360 Merrimack Street
Building 9, 2nd Floor
Lawrence, MA 01843 (USA)
tel (978) 683-9700
fax (978) 683-9702
California Main Office
Allison Duffy
Regional Business Dev Mgr
5932 Bolsa Ave, Suite 106
Huntington Beach, CA (USA)
tel (562) 608-8913
Northern California Office
John Lavelle
Regional Sales Manager
428 61st Street
Oakland, CA 94609 (USA)
tel (510) 385-8315


Mountain West Regional Office
John Lavelle
Regional Sales Manager
tel (510) 385-8315
Southeast Regional Office
Bob Montanaro
Regional Sales Mgr
Jacksonville, FL, USA
tel (904) 238-9167
Natalie Holtgrefe, Sr. Marketing Mgr
(press, events, trainings, webinars)
tel (781) 640-0755

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