Warranty Info

Standard Warranty: Parts and Service

Solectria Renewables offers a standard 5 year warranty and optional warranty extensions to 10, 15 and 20 years for all commercial (PVI 10-95kW) and utility-scale (SGI 225-500kW) inverters. For our residential inverters, a standard 5 year warranty is offered for the PVI 1800 & PVI 2500 (with optional 10 or 15 year extensions) and a standard 10 year warranty for the PVI 3000-7500 residential inverter series. All string combiners come with a standard 5 year warranty.

Warranty plans are offered for our web-based monitoring system, SolrenView Inverter Direct or Revenue Grade, and options (SolZone sub array monitoring and/or the weather station), but are dependent upon the service plan chosen.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan

Solectria Renewables offers Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plans as an extension to a standard or extended warranty for a period up to 20 years for all of our commercial and utility-scale inverters. The annual PM Plan is performed by a Solectria Technician, or qualified service provider, and ensures the owner optimal performance on an annual basis, lowering the overall cost of ownership. The PM Plan includes:

  • Annual site visit to check inverters
  • Check performance and function including:
    • AC/DC voltage callibration
    • Ventilation / Cooling system
    • Thermal scan of all critical components and connections
    • Ampacity & power measurements
    • Visual inspection of Terminal lugs & connections
    • Torque check on all power connections
    • Signal terminal integrity
    • Clear any dust/debris
    • Replacement of surge arrestors if indicated
  • Replace any component (under warranty) as needed, such as fans or blowers
  • Recommend factory upgrades changes as fit
  • Provide copy of preventative maintenance report


Uptime Guarantee

Solectria Renewables offers uptime guarantees to customers with a PV system 225 kW or greater. For a system with an uptime guarantee in place, Solectria Renewables reimburses the system owner or PPA provider in the event of an inverter fault causing the PV system to be down for a period greater than the guaranteed uptime. Solectria Renewables’ uptime guarantee is based on real field data and reflects our confidence in Solectria Renewables products and their operation. This guarantee is based on the inverter not providing power due to inverter failure. The system owner will be reimbursed at a fixed rate either per kWh lost (based on solar irradiance) or a flat rate per kW AC (based on time down) that would have been delivered if the inverter were fully functional. SolrenView with Inverter Direct, Weather Station and Preventative Maintenance Plan must be purchased in conjunction with an Uptime Guarantee.

Warranty Information:

Grid-Tied Inverter Warranty Letter

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