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Complete Product Brochure
Solectria Renewables Utility-Scale Brochure – THE SMART CHOICE FOR LASTING PV PLANT SUCCESS
Solectria Renewables Grid-tied PV Inverter Family – 1.8kW string inverters to 2MW solar stations
PVI 1800, PVI 2500 String Inverters
PVI 3800-7600TL Transformerless String Inverters
PVI 14TL, PVI 20TL, PVI 23TL and PVI 28TL datasheet
PVI 50KW, 60KW, 75KW, 85KW, 100KW Commercial Inverters datasheet
SGI 225, 250, 266, 300 & 500PE Commercial/Utility-Scale Inverters
SGI 500XT Utility-Scale Inverter (600VDC, 208 VAC, External Transformer)
SGI 500/750XTM Utility-Scale Inverter (1000VDC, 380 VAC, External Transformer)
Megawatt Solar Station (Medium Voltage Power Stations)
ARCCOM Datasheet
DISCOM 3R, DISCOM 4 & DISCOM 4M Disconnecting String Combiner Datasheet
Combiners Reference Datasheet (for PVI 50-100KW and SGI 225-500XT)

James Worden, CEO, Solectria Renewables & Andrew Worden, CEO, GameChange Racking Interview SolarPro, April/May 2014
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Solectria Oversizing Your Array, Solar Power World, July 2013
Inverters and beyond, Renewable Energy Focus, May/June 2013
Solar Power on the Salt Palace – enerG, Jan/Feb 2013
Choosing the Right Product – Solar Builder Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012
Massachusetts on the Move – Photon, Issue 4, 2012
Solectria Renewables weather the storm inverter manufacturers ride out supply gluts new competition – Solar Industry Magazine, 2011
Smart PV Inverter Benefits for Utilities – PV World, December 2011 – Michael Zuercher-Martinson, CTO
How Inverters Work – SolarPro Magazine, April/May 2009 – Michael-Zuercher Martinson, CTO & James Worden, CEO

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