Commercial Inverters

The PVI 50-100KW and SGI series inverters are slated for three-phase commercial or utility-scale installations, depending on the project. Each commercial inverter is designed for easy installation, outdoor resistance with the highest reliabilities and efficiencies in the industry. The state-of-the-art power stage technology houses all of the sensible electronics providing easy serviceability.

PVI 50/60/75/ 85/100KW

PVI 50-100KW series of Solectria Renewables inverters are fully customizable, grid-tied PV inverters. They have been utilized in projects ranging from 30kW to multi-megawatt solar farms.

SGI 225/250/

Solectria Renewables’ SMARTGRID (SGI) 225-500 series of inverters boasts an industry leading 97.5% CEC efficiency and offers utility options such as real power curtailment, reactive power control, voltage and frequency ride-through.

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