String Combiners

Solectria Renewables’ string combiner line (STRCOM, DISCOM 3R and DISCOM 4) is the broadest in the industry today.  Each string combiner offers the best quality, durability, ease-of-installation, mounting flexibility, safety and protection features.  They are available in a variety of options: with or without disconnect, various sizes adapting to 8-30 fused positions, assorted fuse range values and enclosure options: polyester powder coated steel (Type 3R or Type 4),  316 stainless steel (Type 4X) or fiberglass (Type 4X) enclosures. Each string combiner box has been designed and tested to perform in the harshest conditions. The DISCOM 4 has standard oversized pressure terminals that allow for long-run output connectors and multiple conduit entries so it can be mounted vertically or horizontally eliminating the need for awkward, labor-intensive conduit bends.



The STRCOM string combiner has been tested and proven in the harshest conditions. Options include DC disconnect and stainless steel enclosure (Type 4X).


The new DISCOM 3R is the smallest disconnecting string combiner available with 8 fused inputs and operates from -40°F to +122°F


A disconnecting string combiner that allows installers, maintenance crews and first responders to turn off power near the DC source, tremendously enhancing PV safety.

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